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Good as Gold!!

Last week was the conclusion of the 2019 Golden Bean competition held down in Port Macquarie. Our head roaster Liam Smith made the trip down to represent team TMCP at the world’s largest coffee roasters competition. Along with Liam, we sent down 10 coffee entries, hoping for good results in the competition.

Well, we couldn’t be happier!

Out of the ten coffees we entered, we walked away with eight medals; an incredible achievement! Also, we received a medal in every single category we entered (a first for us!) We entered coffee into the Milk-Based, Filter and Espresso categories and got a mix of silver and bronze medals from the coffee we import and roast here on our plantation, with our house blend receiving great comments and reviews from the judges!

But the highlight for us was in the Australian-Grown category: Of the five coffees we entered, we received two bronze, two silver and the award we’ve always been working towards: The Gold Medal; best Australian-Grown coffee!

Since we started growing coffee on Tamborine Mountain, this has always been the goal we’ve worked hard towards. Of course, producing the best coffee we possibly can is always at the forefront; but this is extremely gratifying, knowing that we’re heading in the right direction.

It’s an incredible honour to be able to announce that we grow and roast the best coffee in Australia!


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